Innovation Workshops

01 1. PREP | 4-6 Weeks

What I'll need from you:

  • Two one hour meetings or videoconference with your executive sponsor. Not a delegate. The person for whom this should really matter. And I may need a bit more than this depending upon what the rest of the prep turns up.
  • 20 minutes or so, one-on-one, in a videoconference with each participant
  • someone trusted by the exec (this can be a delegate) from whom I can get feedback as we design the program

What you'll get

  • a detailed playbook with a run-down of the workshop
  • curated content, based upon the primary challenges / opportunity spaces you're targeting, to be used in the session
  • likely, a wee bit of homework

02 2. WORKSHOP | 1 Day

What I'll need from you:

  • Some Trust.
  • Ideally, commitment.

What you'll get:

  •  An extremely dynamic (that is, intense) day where you will challenge conventions, find inspiration, and generate concepts.
  • Real ideas, that you will actually like and want to make happen, and action plans to help do so.
  • You will have fun.  You will work hard.  You will have spare time to go to the bathroom, but not much more.  You will laugh.  And someone usually gets pissed off.  But it really does tend to work out in the end.

03 3. POST | 1 - 2 weeks

What I'll need from you:

  • An hour for a debrief session

What you'll get:

  • A report documenting the process, the ideas, and the plans
  • Content and stories that you'll be proud to tell your bosses and peers